Nearpod Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

CHROME App Nearpod

With this app teachers will be able to download and or construct interactive presentations using the Nearpod website and deliver instruction to students by ...

How to setup and use Virtual reality VR headset with Android phones review

How use setup and take 360 VR camera pictures virtual reality VR headsets review, How to use phones to watch 3D virtual reality with VR headsets and take ...

OTC14 Interactive Learning with NearPod 06 21 2014

Interactive Learning with NearPod Michael Kieley NearPod is a game changing app for interactive learning. Imagine transforming a set of PowerPoint slides into ...

iPadagogy - App Review - Nearpod Part 2 Tutorial This app review and tutorial looks at Nearpod. Now you have seen how to create content, check out how easy it is to control a ...

Nearpod Review and Tutorial

Quick tutorial and review of Nearpod presentation application for teachers.

nearpod - Introduction to the Teacher App

nearpod - Student App

Uso do APP Nearpod - Muito bom app para trabalhar com os Ipads dos alunos.

Ótima dica para usuários do Sistema Uno de Ensino para trabalhar com Ipads em sala de aula.

What App Wednesday - NearPod VR

Check out how to setup NearPod VR sessions for your students!

Air Display App Review

Air Display is an application available for iOS and Android that allows the user to have an extra display. The user needs the application from the app store as ...

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